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    Unicism, Pluralism, Complexism in the light of the 21st Century.

    That is the latest book I just published! Here is its blurb:

    Choosing between using one single remedy (Unicism), multiple single remedies (Pluralism) or a mix of remedies and potencies (Complexism) has plagued the teaching and practice of Homeopathy since its inception. It is also the most divisive subject in conversations and discussions between professional homeopaths, often leaving students and beginning practitioners in fear of asking questions, of commenting and experimenting lest they become publicly exposed to the wrath and furore of some zealous advocates of one of those methods...hardly a professional behaviour suited to allegedly enlightened healers. Yet, except for dogma and repetitive mantras with different words or grammar but with the same emptiness, no real clear and objective arguments have been offered, at least to my knowledge, during my thirty years of practice. I trained in all those different methodologies, in many schools I attended. I often talk to myself too: at least I am certain I will always win the argument...so I decided it was time for me to have a serious conversation with me about this issue slowly destroying Homeopathy. This booklet is the end result of that conversation. It evolved into it from what was originally designed to be an article for publication in a journal. The outcome is quite surprising in a way, but I will not spoil the joy of discovering it...

    Available at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/unicism-pluralism-complexism-in-the-light-of-the-21st-century/paperback/product-23311482.html

    Fibonacci Potencies. The famous last words...for now.

    The latest and probably last book about the Fibonacci potencies, based on 10 years of personal experience and more than 1500 prescriptions. Add to it the experience of colleagues and you have the most detailed treatise about potencies. It is available through www.lulu.com

    Dynamic Gemmotherapy. Beyond Gemmotherapy.

    "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners".

    As promised, "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners" is now available, with the same nutritional value and content J than "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths" but without the "homeobabble", without the precise reference to homeopathic practice.

    Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health, nobody denies that. Yet, despite that widespread knowledge, when looking at what people eat and drink, what they put in their trolleys at the supermarket, one is horrified. Would you put diesel in a petrol car? Why do you do that to your body?

    This book's aim is to explain in clear but scientific terms why you need to avoid certain so-called foods, what they do to the patient and how this can completely confuse a proper consultation with any health practitioner; it then looks and explains what proper nutrition is.

    It shows how improper nutrition influences the symptoms and signs described and found during a consultation, making the practitioner direct the treatment at side-effects of so-called foods rather than the real, deep-seated problems of the patient. There is an abundance, some would say an excess, of references published in the conventional, peer-reviewed medical literature.

    There are two editions: the printed one and the eBook:

    Print: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/elementary-human-nutrition-for-health-practitioners/paperback/product-22495862.html

    eBook: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/elementary-human-nutrition-for-health-practitioners/ebook/product-22495887.html

    "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths"

    Now available at www.lulu.com a new book for Homeopaths: "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths"

    It is based on the fact that improper diet is the major and most neglected obstacle to cure. Restoring a human "fuelling" allows many symptoms, signs and complaints to disappear and exposes the real inner disturbances we are supposed to treat, instead of being drowned in the toxic symptomatology of "foods" that should never be eaten.

    Three editions of the same book with the same information:

    -  The "deluxe" one, with all illustrations in colour and a whopping 20% discount: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/elementary-nutrition-for-homeopaths/paperback/product-22484538.html

    -  The monochrome, black and white one, about half the cost of the previous one: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/elementary-nutrition-for-homeopaths-monochrome/paperback/product-22485694.html

    -  And the eBook in PDF format, the cheapest alternative:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-md-phd-nmd/elementary-nutrition-for-homeopaths/ebook/product-22484571.html

    It was at the same time fascinating and terrifying to put that information together and realise how much people self-destruct without knowing it.

    Its heterozygous twin brother is on the way, titled "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners", with the same nutritional value J but without reference to homeopathy, for those who prefer using other modalities or are not comfortable with it.

    Dynamic Gemmotherapy is now in its third edition, professionally printed and available at emryss.com or nature-reveals.com and probably on amazon.com too: 374 pages, lots of new information!

    All the books are available at those websites, some are still at www.lulu.com




    Third Millennium Homeopathy update!

    Third Millennium Homeopathy is now available from Lulu Press in 2 formats:

    eBook in PDF format at this link:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/third-millennium-homeopathy/ebook/product-22159961.html

    Paperback at this link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/dr-joe-rozencwajg-nmd/third-millennium-homeopathy/paperback/product-22160091.html#

    Here you will find the first few pages of my books.

     Drum roll:here is the latest one, my sixth book!

      Third Millennium Homeopathy

    Consisting of:

    • Constitutions and miasms revolution

    • Fibonacci evolution

    • Homeophysiology in action

    • Dilution or delusion?

    • The proving of a system

    Consisting of:

    • Constitutions and miasms revolution

    • Fibonacci evolution

    • Homeophysiology in action

    • Dilution or delusion?

    • The proving of a system

    ·  Constitutions and miasms  revolution


    ·  Fibonacci evolution


    ·  Homeophysiology in action


    ·  Dilution or delusion?


    ·  The proving of a system







    Part 1: Constitutions and Miasms




    Part 2: Fibonacci Evolution

      Repetition of a series

      Repeating a remedy previously administered

      The infamous Second Prescription

      Semi-Dry or Liquid dose

      The Fibonacci Progressive Plasma Potency

      How to drive your Pharmacist crazy

      Summary of remedy administration

      The Matryoshka concept and the Onion phenomenon

      The Essence of the Disease and the Essential remedy

      Verifying the prescription

      Sleeping state remedies

      Dreams as a tool

      Third Millennium methodology

      How about provings

      Leonardo meets Alize: is it a date?

      The Universality of the Fibonacci Series

    Summary and Glossary


    Part 3: Homeophysiology in action


    Part 4: Dilution or delusion?




    The full road


    Addendum: the Proving of a system






    You can now order it at the publisher's Emryss: www.emryss.eu or info@emryss.eu 


     Now there are 5 books available: Dynamic Gemmotherapy, Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification, The Potency - Advanced prescribing in Homeopathy, Homeopathy through the Chinese looking glass and now the newest one, DSSI: Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration, the Ikebana of Manual Medicine published by Narayana Verlag.



    Drawing on his vast experience, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg has the rare ability to unite the essence of different fields of manual medicine into a genuinely clear and effective approach. This he calls Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration, in which he draws on the best of methods like Ortho-Bionomy® and visceral manipulation, integrating techniques such as yoga and cranio­sacral therapy with homeopathy.
    He explores mechanical healing using the minute movements originally developed in osteopathy - manipulation with a touch as light as that of a butterfly's wing. The simplicity and effectiveness of his approach is stunning.
    Using a series of vivid examples from real-life cases, he demonstrates how he carefully chooses the most suitable approach for each patient's illness - with awesome results. The complaints range from backache and arthritic complaints through pruritus, gastro-esophageal reflux, Menière's disease, and asthma to hypertension, diabetes, and kidney failure.
    Dr. Joe Rozencwajg gives a clear explanation of how different manual therapies work at an anatomical and neurophysiological level. He shows how this understanding helps us to find the optimum therapeutic approach for each patient's specific condition.
    A book brimful of valuable information, new connections, impressive cases, brilliant ideas, and pioneering treatments. The deep healing achievable with this method holds great promise for anyone working with complementary therapies.

    From the introduction to this book:

    "When I do something, I want to understand why I do it, how it works, what the principles behind the method are, how it links with other methods, how they work together, or against each other, what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.
    This is what I have tried to do in the following pages. And while researching the basic principles behind the techniques, the anatomy, the neurophysiology, I have seen my understanding grow and my techniques become at the same time simpler and more effective.
    Now I know and understand what I am doing, so it is now rarely happens that a clinical presentation surprises me and leaves me wondering what is going on. Transforming the clinical picture into aetiology, mechanism, anatomy and neurophysiology automatically offers a therapeutic approach, or many different ones.
    This is not reductionism in the worst sense of the word. This is simplification and clarification.
    This is the Ikebana of Manual Medicine."
    Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD.



     Dynamic Gemmotherapy is still available at http://www.lulu.com/. Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification and The Potency are published and distributed by Emryss (http://www.emryss.eu/)


    Even Newer!!!!


    "Homeopathy through the Chinese looking

    glass: Homeosiniatry revisited".


    The term Homeosiniatry is somehow self-explanatory: the conjunction of Homeopathy and Chinese medicine. So far it related to the indications of homeopathic remedies determined by finding out which acupuncture points are sensitive to pressure. Dr. Roger de La Fuye published in 1947 an atlas of acupuncture subtitled "Practical synthesis of Chinese Acupuncture and Homeopathy" (in French) in which every acupuncture point corresponds to a remedy. Reciprocally, should the patient need a remedy as determined by repertorisation, it became possible to use an acupunctural treatment instead. This type of anatomical localisation of the remedies has also been made famous by Dr. R. Dufilho who published in 1966 "Geographie Homeopathique", a book full of pictures with the anatomical localisations of the remedies.

    And that is where it stopped, to my knowledge. In 1992, Dr. Jean-Claude Dubois and Dr. Hen-Hong Chang published a short book "Homoeopathie et Medecine Chinoise" in which a few remedies and some clinical conditions are analysed in the light of TCM physiology. It is quite interesting to see how exact the correlations are and how some of the apparent contradictory homeopathic symptoms are well explained through TCM. It certainly would be a very worthwhile undertaking to continue and widen that research to the majority of our remedies. I am quite certain that our clinical understanding would become better and especially easier to assimilate.

    The purpose of this book is neither of the above. My intention is to show how a basic knowledge of TCM principles and diagnostic methods (and by basic, I mean really beginner's level, very schematic) can lead to find a group of indicated remedies without the active participation of the patient, or at least very minimal. Although this runs against all the concepts of the "homeopathic conversation", it finds its usefulness in many cases where the patient is uncooperative, willingly or not. This method has been, in my experience, the key to opening cases, unlocking suppressed and repressed memories, feelings and symptoms, allowing a faster and deeper analysis and eventually a correct prescription.

    It is by no means the latest fad in homeopathy and certainly not a sacrosanct theoretical work. It needs to be improved, it needs to evolve and go deeper. Feel free to do so!


     Available December 2010 in bookshops or at www.emryss.eu


     BRAND NEW !!!!

     The Potency - Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy. The Fibonacci Potencies Series: a unified theory and practice of modern homeopathic posology.


    ISBN: 9789076189260

    This is the book summarising my experience with the Fibonacci Potencies as reported in the articles (see Fibonacci 1 & 2), with a lot more details, cases and discussions.

    It is published by Emryss (http://www.emryss.eu/) and will be available in January 2010. It can be preordered on their website or through your usual bookshop.

     Cost is Euro 24.00 until end of February 2010, then Euro 29.00

     Here are a few pages:



    In the Beginning  9

    The Itch  10

    Genesis  12

    The Quest  21

    The Revelation  25

    The potencies      48

    The pre-launch jitters  56

    Meanwhile, in the real world  57

    The patients  57

    The remedies  59

    Safety  63

    Provings  63

    Grafting  63

    Aggravations  65

    False aggravations  68

    Wrong remedies  69

    The almost correct remedy  71

    Timing  75

    Speed  78

    Quantum mechanics  81

    Depth  86

    Ranting  89

    Opening the case  94

    Constitutional treatment  100

    Silica: a personal encounter  102

    Administration of the remedies  111

    An unexpected bonus  113

    What did I learn?  115

    Addendum 1

      Transmission of energetic information  121


    Addendum 2

      Plasma potencies  128

    Addendum 3

      Clinical cases  132

    Addendum 4

      Reflections about the LM/Q potencies  141

    Addendum 5

      Some fun with drawings  143

    The conclusion of a journey  144

    Index of important notions  147

    The Author  149



    In the beginning….

    What you are about to read is the compilation and a rework of my previous two papers "Removing the guesswork from potency selection" (October 2008) and "The Fibonacci Potencies Series: update, discussion and conclusions" (September 2009). Both theoretical notions and deductions and conclusions from patient's cases have been enhanced and discussed more in depth. You will of course recognise the conglomerate of the texts from both previous papers. The intention of this publication is to create a summary and an instrument for the ease of understanding and use of this new method, as well as the integration of new or at least different concepts in homeopathy that do answer many questions and highlight some dark corners of daily practice.

     Dynamic Gemmotherapy.

    Integrative Embryonic Phytotherapy.
    Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD.

    Copyright Dr. J. Rozencwajg, MD, PhD, NMD and Natura Medica Ltd.

    All rights reserved for all countries, anywhere, everywhere.
    Any reproduction by any means, photocopy, electronic or other is strictly
    Second Edition September 2008
    ISBN: 978-1-4092-2655-0

    Introduction. 1
    History and Elementary Principles. 3
    List of gemmotherapic remedies. 10
    Materia Medica of the remedies. 13
    Suggested Therapeutic Applications. 143
    Cardiovascular system. 146
    Respiratory system and ENT. 154
    Digestive system. 158
    Reproductive system. 163
    Urinary system. 165
    Osteoarticular system. 167
    Neurology. 173
    Dermatology and Allergology. 176
    Endocrinology and Nutrition. 182
    Paediatric. 189
    Geriatry. 195
    Mental and Psychiatric problems. 198
    Clinical Integrated Repertory. 200
    Conclusion. 254
    References and Bibliography. 255
    The Author. 258

    Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification.

     This book is now published by Emryss and available through bookstores, it has been removed from the Lulu website (November 2010).

     Organotherapy, Drainage

    and Detoxification.
    A starting point to safe practice for Homeopaths, Herbalists,
    Naturopaths, Traditional Healers and enlightened Medical
    Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD.

    The Art of Medicine consists in amusing
    the patient while Nature cures the
    The Art of Homeopathy consists in curing
    the patient so that no disease ever
    recurs....... Dr. Joe.
    Copyright Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD and Natura Medica Ltd.
    All rights reserved. Any form of copy by mechanical, electronic or
    other means strictly forbidden without previous authorisation.
    Breach of copyright will be prosecuted by all means available,
    everywhere, always.
    First introduction 1
    Second introduction 5
    Prelude 7
    Background and Theory 13
    Organotherapy 17
    From Cannibalism to Remedies 18
    Herbal Organotherapy 23
    Kidneys 23
    Liver 24
    Heart 26
    Endocrine glands 27
    Thyroid 27
    Adrenals 28
    Brain 29
    Skin 31
    Immune system 31
    Gemmotherapy in Organotherapy 33
    Nutritional Organotherapy 35
    Brain 36
    Immune system 37
    Heart 38
    Lungs 40
    Liver and Gallbladder 40
    Kidneys 41
    Stomach and Intestines 42
    Colon and Bowel Flora 43
    Thyroid 44
    Adrenals 44
    Diabetes 45
    Oligotherapy 46
    Organopathy 48
    Drainage 53
    Nutritional drainage 53
    Kidneys and Urinary tract 56
    Liver 65
    Pancreas 71
    Blood 74
    Lymphatic system 75
    Veins 77
    Arteries 78
    Heart 81
    Lungs 82
    Colon 84
    Endocrine in general 88
    Thyroid 89
    Adrenals 90
    Male 91
    Female 92
    Skin 93
    Brain and Nerves 94
    Drugs 97
    Joints 98
    Phytotherapic (Herbal) drainage 105
    Alteratives 106
    Kidneys and Urinary tract 109
    Liver 114
    Pancreas 118
    Blood 118
    Lymphatic system 119
    Venous system 121
    Arteries 124
    Heart 126
    Lungs 127
    Colon 128
    Endocrine in general 129
    Thyroid 129
    Adrenals 131
    Skin 133
    Brain and nerves 135
    Joints 136
    Gemmotherapic drainage 138
    Homeobotanical drainage 141
    Homeopathic drainage 145
    Channelling remedies 150
    Remedy relationships 153
    The Kollistch list 154
    Drainage remedies 158
    Kidneys and Urinary tract 160
    Liver 175
    Pancreas 181
    Spleen 182
    Blood 183
    Lymphatic system 186
    Veins 189
    Arteries 191
    Heart 195
    Lungs 201
    EENT 207
    Digestive system 210
    Stomach 211
    Pylorus 213
    Intestine and Colon 214
    Rectum and Haemorrhoids 220
    Endocrine in general 223
    Carbohydrate metabolism 223
    Thyroid 223
    Adrenals 225
    Male 227
    Female 228
    Breast 229
    Skin and mucosa 232
    Brain and Nervous system 237
    Bones and Joints 241
    Serosa 245
    Specifics 245
    Osteopathic drainage 249
    Transmission of energetic information
    in the body 253
    Detoxification 260
    Sweat it out! Far Infra Red sauna 262
    Enemas and colonics 265
    Nutritional detoxification 267
    Cilantro and Chlorella 268
    Specific detoxifiers 271
    Nutritionals 271
    Minerals 273
    Phytotherapic (Herbal) detoxification 275
    Chelation 276
    Lithotherapy 277
    Isopathy aka Isotherapy 278
    Lesser known techniques 282
    Gemmotherapy 282
    Lithotherapy 316
    Oligotherapy 321
    Summary 329
    Conclusion 331
    The Author 332
    References and Bibliography 333
    It is customary to find a preliminary Disclaimer in this type of book, which
    generally says that it does not replace "proper" medical advice, the remedies have not been properly investigated by the FDA or any other organism and that no responsibility is taken for anything happening from the use of the book.
    All the information contained is this book has been clinically tested by many
    Medical Doctors and generations of Traditional Healers, Homeopaths, Herbalists, Osteopaths, Ayurvedic Doctors and TCM practitioners.
    We know how it works, we know when it works, we know why it works, we
    know how and when to use it and for what conditions on which patients.
    That this practice has not been vouched for by any official representative of
    the Techno-Chemical Medical Industry is not relevant.
    This is a book for health practitioners who want to learn something new and
    different. It is each practitioner's responsibility and duty to use the knowledge imparted safely and carefully.
    If you are not a health practitioner and you want to use this for yourself or
    somebody else, you do that at your own risk and under your own responsibility.
    Would you buy a textbook of surgery and remove your own gallbladder?
    Knowledge is here to be shared, not to be hidden and either suppressed
    because it is too effective or restricted to a few of the elite for their own financial improvement. Knowledge belongs to the people but must be applied safely and diligently by those who understand the instrument properly.
    Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD.
    New Plymouth.
    New Zealand.


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