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  • A natural, simple method to treat BCCs

    This is the latest update of my paper about using a common plant to treat skin lesions like BCCs, published in the online journal Here is the link if you want to read it in its original form:

    802 KB • PDF File • 21 January 2016

  • Herbalism versus Homeopathy.

    Versus? Did I really write versus? Read that article to realise how homeopathy, herbalism, flower remedies and other modalities are nothing but different aspects, different angles, different point of views about exactly the same thing....guaranteed to ruffle some feathers, but what is life without some excitement?

    23 KB • DOCX File • 19 March 2016

  • Homeopathy research evidence based

    Here is a compilation of evidence based research in Homeopathy by Robert Medhurst. Feel free to copy, save and especially share.

    5.1 MB • PDF File • 1 March 2021

  • Homeoprophylaxis

    A compilation of facts regarding the use of homeopathy in the prevention of infectious diseases, reproduced with permission and thanks to Fran Sheffield. Read this, read the references, ask questions, read what the proponents of conventional vaccination tell you and ask questions, make up your own mind and make an informed decision. It is your right and your duty!

    411 KB • PDF File • 24 January 2015

  • Latest research paper in Homeopathy.

    200 pages of titles and links to research in homeopathy...if someone claims thee is no proof that potentised substances and homeopathic remedies have no action, this list, as well as Robert Medhurst's list, will show them the opposite...that is if they dare consult them.

    4.2 MB • PDF File • 18 August 2017

  • Miasms.

    This is the text of my short and fast talk at the 2015 conference. Its contents originate from my book "Third Millennium Homeopathy" but there has already been an evolution, especially in the terminology. More details and in-depth analysis in a future publication, along with other more modern adaptations and scientific explanations of homeopathy. Third Millennium Homeopathy is available as a book and as a download from

    1.1 MB • PDF File • 2 September 2015

  • Nutritional guide for patients and the general public.

    This 74 pages document explains in detail what I am telling to all my patients at our first consultation regarding changes in nutritional pattern that influence health, with a huge emphasis on the reasons why to avoid certain "foods" or rather "pseudo-foods". It is extracted from my books "Third Millennium Homeopathy. The early decades" and "Elementary nutrition for homeopaths". There are lots of references about homeopathy but even if you do not know anything about it, it is easily swallowed, and digested :-) Enjoy it, learn from it, use it, spread it around...

    146 KB • DOCX File • 21 August 2019

  • Research in Homeopathy

    This is a PDF list of scientific research regarding Homeopathy, with thanks to Robert Medhurst. Those are the references only, not the full articles, too many of them. As an addition, I strongly recommend reading the book "The Emerging Science of Homeopathy" by Bellavite and Signori. It certainly could do with an update, as much more information has become available and many more papers published, but it is still the foundation of scientific Homeopathy. All this for those who want to have a deeper understanding of Homeopathy and for the Skeptics who might learn a few things, assuming that they are not too scared...

    552 KB • PDF File • 24 January 2015

  • Research in Homeopathy

    The latest list of research papers by Robert Medhurst. Nobody can tell us there is no research in Homeopathy. Easy to forward to anyone. Read also the website for more articles, videos etc...

    896 KB • PDF File • 7 March 2020


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