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     I am a Brussels' Sprout, and proud of it. Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, 1951. When I was 5 years old, I told my paediatrician that one day I would be a Doctor and I would cut people open…so I started the long road to become a surgeon, which is slightly more acceptable socially than Joe the Ripper.

     I graduated from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Medical School, one of the oldest European Universities, in 1976 "cum magnum laude". Then off I went into General Surgery, in Israel and Belgium; once that was achieved, I followed up with Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

     While in private practice in Brussels, suddenly, out of the blue, and as usual on a week-end, my back locked up: I could not move, I was in atrocious pain; no pain medication whatsoever helped, so I resorted to call a friend who was practicing Acupuncture and whom I teased all the time about his superstitious voodoo practice: he had a good laugh, enjoyed sticking needles in my defenseless body, but after twenty minutes I was mobile and ready to go. What a slap in the face of my ego! Me, the scientist and the specialist, I could not solve a simple backache and this primitive, baseless technique did it! I had only two choices: either deny it ever happened or try to understand what happened. I am extremely curious and nosy by nature, so I choose to understand and registered for the three years course of Acupuncture at the ABMA.
     Soon I started sticking needles in my patients, and to my surprise and excitement, it worked. 

     When my son was born, I was still a firm believer in the values of vaccinations; after all I had been well indoctrinated…so after his first set of vaccinations, the rounds of ear infections, antibiotics, diarrhoea and nappy rashes started. During the third round, I asked his paediatrician, a big shot in Brussels, if there was anything that could be done; the answer was "no, he will outgrow it". By then I was slightly smarter and brought him to a homeopath. A few powders later, all was well. Another blow to my knowledge of medicine! And from there I became unstoppable. I studied Homeopathy in different schools at the same time, Herbalism, TCM, nutrition, homeobotanical medicine, Homotoxicology, flower remedies, anything I could sink my teeth in.
     After a four years stint in South Africa during which I taught Medical Diagnostics at the Faculty of Chiropractic and Homeopathy in Durban, I returned with the family to Israel where I worked for seven years for the National Health Service. Needless to say, there were daily loud vocal arguments about treatments, the NHS refusing to allow me to use non-conventional methods of treatment. By December 2000, I really had a gutful, slammed my resignation and the door and abandoned the practice of techno-chemical medicine. On July 2, 2001, we immigrated to New Zealand and settled in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

     By now, I have my Doctorate in Medicine (MD), a Doctorate in Naturopathy, a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine (OMD) a PhD in Homeopathy, a PhD in Natural Medicine and a Doctorate in Osteopathy (DO). I also started studying and using Ortho-Bionomy and Visceral Manipulation as well as Cranio-Sacral Therapy. I have authored many articles, the books "Dynamic Gemmotherapy" (now in it third edition), "Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification",  "The Potency. Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy",  "Homeopathy through the Chinese looking glass: Homeosiniatry revisited", "DSSI. Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration"  and finally "Third Millennium Homeopathy". In 2015, I published "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths" and "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners" which have the same nutritional value and calories count but in the latter, I removed the "Homeo-babble" for those who are not homeopaths or cannot be bothered with it. A few more books are in the pipe-line... 

    I have recently received the post of Professor of Natural Medicine at Calamus International University.

    Until recently, I used a lot of alphabet soup letters after my name: MD, PhD, NMD, and others. In its infinite wisdom, the Ministry of Health requested that I cease using the letters MD, as I am not registered to practice conventional medicine in New Zealand and it could confuse the patients, leading them to believe I am a "real" doctor. I thought it was not worth a legal fight, so I complied and decided to remove everything other than NMD: Doctor for the highest degrees I have achieved and Natural Medicine as an overall designation for everything I practice, meaning medicine according to the laws of nature.

     I am a First Dan Black Belt in Aikido, Second Dan Black Belt in Karate, a Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner and a student of Yoga.
     And that is about it……..


     Here is my "official" CV, with many of the missing letters...

     Curriculum Vitae.

    Doctor Joseph Rozencwajg, MD, PhD, NMD, HMD, DO, OMD, DAcup, DIHom, DHerbMed, DNutr, HbT, FBIH, RCHom, MNZIA, MNZAMH, MNNZ, MNZSN.

    Born in Brussels, Belgium, March 14, 1951
    Medical School Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, graduated 1976

    Specialty in General Surgery: 2 years at Soroka Medical Center, Beersheva, Israel
      4 years various hospitals in Belgium
    Belgian Specialist Surgeon 1982

    Specialty in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

    Diploma in Acupuncture, ABMA (Belgian School of Acupuncture for MDs)
      Member of the NZ Institute of Acupuncture  
      Member of the NZ Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
      Society (Registered Acupuncturist)

      Member of the NZ Chi-Kung and TCM Association
      Certificate from the China Academy of Chinese Medicine  
      Sciences (Acupuncture and TCM, MEDBOO course)
      Oriental Medicine Doctor (OMD)

    Specialist in Homeopathy:

      British Institute of Homeopathy, Diploma, Post Graduate
      And Fellowship
      Institut Homéopathique Scientifique, Paris
      Israel Medical College of Homeopathy
      Westbrook University, Aztec, New Mexico, USA
      Diploma in Homotoxicology
      PhD in Homeopathy, Westbrook University
      RCHom New Zealand

    Specialist in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine):
      The School of Phytotherapy, UK
     Member of the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists

    Diploma in Nutrition: the International Academy of Nutrition, Australia
    Diploma in Applied Clinical Nutrition (USA)
    Fellow of the American College of Applied Clinical Nutritionists

    Diploma in Homeobotanical Therapy, Australia
    Post-Graduate Diploma of Dynamic Phytotherapy 

    Doctor in Naturopathy (UNM/YINS)
    PhD in Natural Health Sciences (UNM/YINS)

    Doctor in Oriental Medicine (OMD, Calamus International University)

    Doctorate in Osteopathy (Drugless) (D.O.)
    Permanent student in Ortho-Bionomy

    Student in Cranio-Sacral Therapy

    Student in Visceral Manipulation
    Advanced Dorn Method Practitioner

    Miscellaneous: Auriculotherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy, 
      Reflexology, Iridology, Reiki Master (Usui), MPRUE Great GrandMaster

    Practitioner and Instructor in Tai Chi and Qigong.

    Former Lecturer in Medical Diagnostics at the Faculty of Chiropractics and Homeopathy, Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa.

    Former Lecturer in Homeopathy at the Israeli Medical College of Homeopathy.

    Former Tutor with the British Institute of Homeopathy (Homeopathy, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Diagnostics and Nutrition)

    Professor of Natural Medicine at Calamus International University

    - Dynamic Gemmotherapy. Integrative Embryonic Phytotherapy.
    - Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification.
    - Removing the guesswork from potency selection: the Fibonacci Potencies series (paper).
    - The Fibonacci Series: update, discussion and conclusions (paper).
    - The Potency. Advanced prescribing in homeopathy: the Fibonacci Series.

    - Third Millennium Homeopathy

    - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Chapter 16 of this Anthology

    - Homeopathy through the Chinese looking glass: Homeosiniatry revisited

    - Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths

    - Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners


    Non-Medical qualifications:

    Diploma of Creative Writing from the NZ Institute of 
      Business Studies.

    Certificate in Mauri Ora (Maori studies) from Te Wananga O Aoteaora

      First Dan Black Belt Aikido
      Second Dan Black Belt Karate
      Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Practitioner
      Yoga Student/Practitioner



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