• Eugenie.

    I am a Registered Nurse (Israel, Belgium, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand). At least I was until 1 October 2015. I decided that 43 years of continuous nursing was enough and it was time to focus on other things while continuing to practice Reflexology and Energy Medicine.

     My wholistic specialties are Reflexology, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Foot Joint Mobilisation, all at advanced levels.


     Training, Certificates and Diplomas.

    1969 - 1973: High School Israel
    1973 - 1976: Nursing School, Kaplan Hospital, Israel.
    Registered Nurse, Israel
    November 1981: Registered Nurse Belgium
    March 1984 - May 1984: Refresher Course for Nurses, University of Alberta
      Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    May 1984: Registered Nurse Canada
    June 1987: Certificate of Specialization as Nurse in Emergency Medical 
      Assistance, Brussels, Belgium
    April 1991: Registered Nurse, South Africa
    August 1993: Diploma in Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, the International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, Inge Dougans,
      Durban, South Africa
    June 1996: Reiki 1, Arad, Israel
    November 1996: Reiki 2, Arad, Israel
    September 1999: Reiki 3, Arad, Israel
    June 2001: Reiki Master, Usui
    June 2001: Magnussa Phoenix Reiki GrandMaster
    January 2004: Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Magna
    November to December 2001: Return to Nursing, WITT
    February 2002: Registered Nurse New Zealand.
    June 2005: Certificate in Kinergetics.
    March 2009: Basic course in Foot Joint Mobilisation
    July 2009: Advanced course in Foot Joint Mobilisation

    August 2010: Certificate in Pranic Healing and Advanced Pranic Healing

    Working experience.

    October 1976 - December 1977: Military Service as Registered Nurse, 
    February 1977 - December 1978: RN, Pediatric & General Surgery.
      Soroka Hospital, Beersheva, Israel
    November 1979 - May 1982: RN ICCU, Erasme Hospital, Brussels
    October 1984 - April 1990: RN ICU & Recovery Room, St Luc Hospital Brussels, Belgium
    July 1991 - December 1993: RN, Nurse in Charge, High Care Unit, Mc Cord
      Zulu Hospital, Durban, South Africa
    April 1994: Reflexology, private practice, Arad, Israel
    December 1995 - March 2001: RN, Nurse in Charge, Mathan Home for the Aged,  Arad, Israel
    June 1996: Reiki healing and Reflexology in private practice, Arad, Israel
    October 2001: Private Practice Reflexology and Reiki, Natura Medica, New 
      Plymouth, New Zealand.
    March 2002 - May 2003: Riverview Lodge Rest Home and Hospital, New Plymouth, Registered Nurse.
    February 2005: Registered Nurse, Chalmers Rest Home and continuing with private practice.  

    October 2015: stopped my nursing practice and did not renew my nursing registration. As of now, my only work is at Natura Medica Ltd.


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