• A very short synopsis about the Fibonacci Potencies Series

    Creating this new method of homeopathic remedies administration started out of utter frustration at choosing the right potency...everybody and his mother was teaching something different and everybody claimed success and exclusivity.

    The mathematical Fibonacci series appeared to be a universal law of nature that allowed to answer all the questions raised when looking for a safe and effective way of prescribing.

    This method is safe, fast, effective, deep acting and logical, based on science and not on opinions.

    As of today, I have prescribed remedies 1245 times using the Fibonacci series, so the conclusions are statistically valid and have not changed at all since the beginning, only more understanding and more deeper actions have come up to enhance the method.

    Go to "The Original Fibonacci Papers" on this site where you can find links to the first two articles published years ago about the method. Further readings are  the book "The Potency" and Part 2 of "Third Millennium Homeopathy" (Fibonacci evolution), and of course the new Fibonacci course that goes deep into the whole method, why, how, when, with explanations, cases, results, successes and pitfalls as well as practical tips.


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