• New book...again...

    28 August at 14:26 from atlas

    Just published Unicism, Pluralism, Complexism in the light of the 21st Century! ...

  • Dynamic Gemmotherapy. Beyond Gemmotherapy.

    10 September at 13:40 from atlas


  • New article.

    19 March at 17:08 from atlas

    A paper dealing with the similarity between herbalism and homeopathy and how herbalists can learn something from homeopathy. Quite a ...

  • Updated article

    21 January at 15:53 from atlas

    The updated paper about treating locally BCCs with a natural method is now available for download from this website (click on Downloads) ...

  • Yet another book as promised.

    22 December at 14:25 from atlas

    As promised, "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners" is now available, with the same nutritional value and content  ...

  • New book just published!

    15 December at 12:48 from atlas

    I have just published "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths" at! ...

  • New article.

    3 July at 15:00 from atlas

    A new article in a rather new journal: Prescribing logically: The Fibonacci Series Potencies, International Journal of Homeopathy ...

  • New course: Fibonacci Potencies!

    18 May at 13:39 from atlas

    Seven years ago, the Fibonacci Potencies Series technique was born after an intensive gestation and delivery. Counting in dog years, it ...

  • Third Millennium Homeopathy now at Lulu Press and cheaper!

    7 May at 09:32 from atlas

    Third Millennium Homeopathy update! ...


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