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    15 December at 12:48 from atlas

    I have just published "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths" at www.lulu.com!

    It is based on the fact that improper diet is the major and most neglected obstacle to cure. Restoring a human "fuelling" allows many symptoms, signs and complaints to disappear and exposes the real inner disturbances we are supposed to treat, instead of being drowned in the toxic symptomatology of "foods" that should never be eaten.

    Three editions of the same book with the same information:

    -  The "deluxe" one, with all illustrations in colour and a whopping 20% discount: http://goo.gl/k7R7gd

    -  The monochrome, black and white one, about half the cost of the previous one: http://goo.gl/uMKLGS

    -  And the eBook in PDF format, the cheapest alternative:  http://goo.gl/mbLIVW

    It was at the same time fascinating and terrifying to put that information together and realise how much people self-destruct without knowing it.

    Its heterozygous twin brother is on the way, titled "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners", with the same nutritional value J but without reference to homeopathy, for those who prefer using other modalities or are not comfortable with it.


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