• Yet another book as promised.

    22 December at 14:25 from atlas

    As promised, "Elementary Human Nutrition for Health Practitioners" is now available, with the same nutritional value and content  than "Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths" but without the "homeobabble", without the precise reference to homeopathic practice. Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health, nobody denies that. Yet, despite that widespread knowledge, when looking at what people eat and drink, what they put in their trolleys at the supermarket, one is horrified. Would you put diesel in a petrol car? Why do you do that to your body? This book's aim is to explain in clear but scientific terms why you need to avoid certain so-called foods, what they do to the patient and how this can completely confuse a proper consultation with any health practitioner; it then looks and explains what proper nutrition is. It shows how improper nutrition influences the symptoms and signs described and found during a consultation, making the practitioner direct the treatment at side-effects of so-called foods rather than the real, deep-seated problems of the patient. There is an abundance, some would say an excess, of references published in the conventional, peer-reviewed medical literature. There are two editions: the printed one and the eBook: Print: http://goo.gl/XUovR2 eBook: http://goo.gl/ies3Dg


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