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     If you arrived to this page, it means you are interested to know exactly what we do and how we do it.

     For that I must first describe our concept of natural medicine: we treat people, we treat patients who happen to suffer from certain conditions that conventional medicine neatly labels, like hypertension or migraine.

     Although we use those labels in conversation in order to make it easier to discuss and understand each other, we do not treat the conditions themselves, but we treat the person who carries them. Treating conditions only is about the same as repainting a wall damaged by water without repairing the leak in the pipe behind the wall: it will either recur or something worse will happen. Certainly, there are many times where intervening specifically for a particular problem is necessary; once that acute, dangerous phase is taken care of, either by natural (preferably) or conventional methods, it is imperative to address the condition which brought the patient there so that it does not happens again.

     That is why our waiting room is never full and we do not have a long waiting list: we do restore health, we help people take control and responsibility of their health; we do not manage sickness/disease except in the cases where irreversible damage has been done; we try our best to put the patient into the optimal state of body/mind so that eventually he or she does not need us any more. Not a very wise business practice, but an ethical one and the one we went into medicine and nursing in the first place.......we are not rich but we can stand tall and proud.

     I will now give a very short explanation, not scientific at all, of the techniques we use. The internet is full of detailed information about them, books are aplenty about them..........do not expect to read a doctoral thesis, just a few summaries to clarify our practices.

    But first a few words about the dreadful word "CURE" that is a flashing light and a bait for those who try to restrict, limit and even destroy access to and practice of natural medicine and their practitioners. No practitioner of any form of medicine, techno-chemical, homeopathic, herbal, Chinese, Ayurvedic, naturopathic, manual, or other can claim to have achieved a cure (except for surgery, when needed): it is the patient that creates the cure, the return to health. Whatever we practice, we only give tools and knowledge to the patient; those tools induce changes when applied properly (this is where our professionalism comes in, in the choice and method of application of the tools). That is all there is about it...



     Homeopathy means "same suffering". It is based on the principle that any substance that can cause symptoms and signs in a healthy person, once adequately prepared (potentised), can remove those symptoms and signs in the sick person. The classical example, taken from conventional medicine, is the use of Ritalin in children with ADHD: ritalin is an amphetamine that would cause excitation and agitation if a healthy person would take it; yet it is given to children who present exactly those symptoms and signs and are labeled as having ADHD. A clear example of inadvertent homeopathy.....We test our remedies on healthy human beings and not on animals; the remedies are highly diluted and succussed (energised), so how do they work, as chemically you cannot find a trace of the original substance? they convey information to the physiology as to how to function properly. In other words, with homeopathy we introduce a "programme" into the "human computer" that corrects its malfunctions; sometimes you need multiple programmes.....and because of the high dilution, it is very difficult to cause any harm.



     Herbalism is the use of plants for treatment and cure. This is the oldest form of medicine, so needless to say the clinical testing has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. We use at the same time the traditional knowledge of humanity and the recently discovered "active ingredients" that explain the activity of our herbs. Despite what can be read in the press, modern clinical experimentation is continuously carried on and new understanding and knowledge accumulated daily. Nevertheless, because we use tinctures or teas and not diluted solutions, some herbs might present with problems when misused, some can be poisonous at very high doses and some cannot be used together with other medications or drugs. It makes me laugh though when I read warnings to "ask your GP about herbs and supplements"! Medical school does not teach anything about that so the person to ask is a Registered Herbalist and nobody else.



     A kiwi creation! it uses plant extracts at very low potency (meaning little dilution and succussion) with a combination of traditional herbal AND homeopathic indications. The remedies are also cheaper and taste good, are well accepted by children and babies and are easy to take. Mostly indicated, in my practice, as support remedies while deeper treatment is given, some colleagues use them as their main therapeutic tool with very good success.



     Done the traditional Chinese way, based of a Chinese Medical diagnosis obtained through history, examination, tongue and pulses, this very old traditional technique is still very effective. I use it mainly for pain alleviation and in some specific situations, not as my main tool for deep therapy. It is a choice I have made, not a reflection upon the value of the therapy. I also use TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis in all cases as this tool is extremely precise and very helpful to select remedies after having brought more clarity to some clinical situations.



     Do I really need to elaborate? with obesity an almost universal curse, reeducating people towards proper nutrition based on biology, zoology, anthropology and physiology takes an important place in each and every consultation. Not to address that issue is condemning you to an almost certain failure of your treatment! Imagine what happen to your petrol car when you put diesel as fuel.......why would you do that to your body?



     Naturopathy as a practice integrates many different disciplines into a way of looking at the patient and treating him/her with the most appropriate tool needed at the time of the consultation. A Naturopath will use any and many of the therapies described on this page, and also others that I do not use or explain here.



     This is described as "homeopathic osteopathy": providing the body a certain amount of information through positioning, light pressure and light touch, so that the correction is done by the body itself instead of by the practitioner, as is the case in Osteopathy or Chiropractic. It is not a form of manipulation in the conventional understanding of the term, but a form of "body education". I am a student of this wonderful discipline but will not become a full practitioner because of the demands for full registration that do not fit the way I practice...therefore I do not call myself an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner, but have integrated the principles and the techniques in DSSI (see below).



     I learned that technique that allows a structural alignment of the joints, and especially at the level of the spine, using a slight amount of directional pressure and motion of parts of the body by the patient himself. It is again not a manipulation or adjustment performed by the practitioner, but yet another form of "body education or reeducation". Dorn would work on bones and joints, whereas Ortho-Bionomy (TM) would work on muscles and tendons. Combining both give fast results without any risk as there is no movement created by the practitioner, no "high velocity low amplitude" thrusts like in Osteopathy. Moreover, the Dorn method is also an education of the patient who is requested to do some daily exercises to maintain the corrections and make them permanent: it takes less than 4 minutes twice a day and brings back power, and responsibility, to the patient. 



    The principle behind this method is that all organs have their own mobility and motility. Once those are compromised, their functions are compromised too and they perform less than optimally. A simple method of restoring mobility and motility is used though physical manipulation. Old osteopaths, Dr. Still's students, used to perform similar manipulations. The French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral has "rediscovered" this method and made it clear, simple and scientific. Results speak for themselves.



    A very gentle method to restore the natural physiological discreet motions of the cranial bones and the circulation of CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid). This of course is contested by conventional practitioners and I must admit that I was very doubtful until I tried and saw the results. I am currently studying (slowly) with the Upledger Institute.


    DSSI: Dynamic Somato-Structural Integration.

    This is the integration of ortho-bionomy, visceral manipulation, CST, Dorn method, Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga and TCM into a coherent methodology and a scientific explanation of how this works (refer to the book DSSI). All those methods overlap each other and in fact complete each other to form one single therapeutic method whose totality is more effective than each component separately. 




    Even though I have a Doctorate in Osteopathy from the New Jersey College of Osteopathy, I am NOT registered to practice Osteopathy in New Zealand and do NOT offer any of the conventional Osteopathic or Chiropractic techniques like HVLA (high velocity low amplitude). I do refer to those registered practitioners if and when I consider there would be a benefit for the patient.


    In May 2016, I became a Certified Hypnotherapist with Hypnosis NZ. It will be interesting to see how it can enhance the other methods. A work in progress....




     All body parts have their image in the sole of the foot (and in the ear too). Through local stimulation of the soles, a therapeutic action on the organs and functions of the body is possible and easy to obtain. A reflexology treatment is at the same time non-specific as the whole foot, hence the totality of the patient, is treated, and specific as more time can be devoted to problematic areas to treat active pathology. No harm can ever be done through reflexology as you walk on your feet with your whole weight all the time. Pressing with a thumb on a foot cannot do any damage whatsoever.......Having been trained in South Africa by Inge Dougans, Eugenie has now integrated in her reflexology treatments Reiki, Pranic Healing as well as Meridian Therapy; this makes it deeper, more effective and acting faster, although from plain observation you might not be aware of the difference.



     Many misalignments of the spine have their origin in the feet; a misaligned spine can cause not only pain but dysfunction of organs as Osteopaths and Chiropractors know very well. FJM is a specific technique that helps reposition the feet bones, with secondary effects on the whole body. The techniques are very precise and must be executed correctly. Eugenie is an Advanced Practitioner in FJM and very good at it.



     Reiki is a purely energetic therapeutic modality, where the practitioner transfers the universal energies, the Qi, the Tao, you name it whatever you want, to the patient. This very gentle method helps re-balance the function of the body at all levels. It is very soothing, very relaxing and allows the body to find and use its own therapeutic powers, it innate ability to correct problems and to cure; we have seen very surprising reactions at all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Soft and gentle, but very powerful indeed.




     Another form of energetic healing, Pranic Healing is based on Indian medical theory and philosophy. It is surprisingly effective and fast and integrates well in the methodology of Ayurveda, but can be used on its own, as a single therapy, mostly for people who will not tolerate more physical, material approaches; nevertheless, patients with very material, anatomical problems do react very well to Pranic healing and even better when combined with other approaches.



     So here you have it, a short description of our major therapeutic tools, even though we use other ones, like Flower Remedies, Homotoxicology, Rife, to cite a few of them.  You will note that never was it mentioned that we use "this treatment for that disease". Clearly the treatment has to be chosen individually for each patient after a full consultation, without any preconception, without any bias towards one or another methodology. We are committed to our patients, not to a technique, an approach, a philosophy or a system of belief. We treat individuals, patients, persons, not labelled diseases


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