Natural Medicine at its fullest: integrating homeopathy, herbalism, naturopathy, nutrition, manual medicine, TCM and others to realise health.

Natural Medicine at its fullest: we use homeopathy, herbalism, naturopathy, nutrition, acupuncture and TCM, flower remedies, manual medicine (combination of OB, VM and CST), reflexology, reiki, pranic healing and more, creating individualised, specific treatments for each and and every "one size fits all".

We treat people, not labels. No preconceptions, no protocols or programmes, only personalised approaches.


  • Research in Homeopathy

    7 March at 11:57 from atlas

    I just added a huge list of research papers compiled by Robert Medhurst. It is on the download page. ...

  • Something new to download!

    21 August at 13:09 from atlas

    I just uploaded a 74 pages paper about nutrition. Have a look, use it, share it, enjoy! ...

  • New book...again...

    28 August at 14:26 from atlas

    Just published Unicism, Pluralism, Complexism in the light of the 21st Century! ...


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